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The pieces that I use fall into different categories that have less to do with their material and the technology used, but rather correspond to an underlying philosophy in the selection.

Object series kizu  疵

In the series "kizu" 疵 (jap. 1. injury, wound, scar; 2. damage, crack, tear; 3. defect, weakness, flaw and 4. (mental) injury) I process shards from well-known manufactories, which are only 2nd choice or even unsaleable due to their production faults. 


Object series meikō 名工

The series "meikō 名工" (jap. master craftsman, master) features pieces from well-known ceramic workshops and artists, such as HedwigBollhagen, who worked with the Bauhaus in Weimar.

Object series takara 宝

The series "takara 宝" (jap. 1. treasure, preciousness; 2. jewel, jewel, treasure, sth. valuable and 3. wealth, good, possession) collects shards that fall to me - from friends and acquaintances, via Berlin ceramic artists or found objects.


Object series saisei 再生

In the series „saisei“ (jap. 1. regeneration, reproduction; 2. reuse, recovery, recycling and 3. rebirth, reincarnation) I process secondhand pieces that are given a second life through processing.

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