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Perfection of the imperfect

The Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi regards the flaw as part of perfection. The resulting aesthetic of the imperfect, forms the basis for the restoration technique kintsugi (jap. 金継ぎ „golden joinery“), which has been used in Japan since the 15th century.




Golden joinery

​In my object series used and faulty objects are not only revived with Kintsugi, but also transformed into a new and unique object. The original is broken and reassembled; the flaw is not hidden, but highlighted and refined. It becomes that special thing that gives the new work a different character.


All objects that I work with, using the Kintsugi technique, are either used for a long time or have cracks, tears or other flaws. Nevertheless, the objects are of masterly craftsmanship and are specially selected for processing.

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