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The Kintsugi Mug KUJAKU 1 くじゃく-I from the collectiontakarawas handmade in the 80s in a small ceramics studio in Berlin-Charlottenburg. The gilded foot of the cup made the   crack refined with real gold look like a predetermined part of the overall work.


The original shards were assembled using the traditional Kintsugi method using Urushi Japanese lacquer and glutinous rice glue. On the outside, the cracks were painted over with bengara urushi and finished with 23.75 carats of Rosenoble Pudergold .

Cup KUJAKU 1 くじゃく-I

SKU: K059
VAT Included
  • pottery
    Urushi Japanese lacquer
    23.75 carat Rosenobel powder gold

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