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The pieces were acquired by Sabine Rothe in the Bollhagen workshops in the early 1980s and have been in the family ever since. The wear and tear, tears and fractures tell the story of loved and often used everyday objects that, even when broken, were still too valuable to throw away. All pieces have been made available to me since autumn 2019 in order to let them shine with new beauty through Kintsugi.


The geometric cracks in the glaze give the golden cracks a special shape that contrasts with the playful decor. The resulting tension is softened and harmoniously transformed by the gold/white/light blue color scheme. 


The original shards were assembled using the traditional Kintsugi method using Urushi Japanese lacquer and glutinous rice glue. On the outside, the cracks were painted over with Bengara-Urushi and refined with 23.75 carat Rosenoble real gold.

Shell WAN 3 わん III

SKU: K017
VAT Included
  • Ceramics | Ceramics
    Urushi Japanese lacquer | japanese laquer
    2375 carat Rosenobel powder gold | 2375 carats Rosenoble powder gold

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